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Advent Calendar

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Advent Calendar - NS565
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Our new products gift idea

Advent Calendar

Nescens is embracing the holiday spirit, with its first ever Advent Calendar.

During this festive season of traditions and joy, Nescens is dedicated to sharing the finest in skincare and beauty.

We invite you to join us in the countdown to Christmas with 12 luxurious surprises, each revealing carefully curated selection of high-value skincare and beauty treasures.

Calendar Content

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High power defense booster: Ultra-concentrated formula with niacinamide and dexpanthenol. These ‘super vitamins’ have a powerful anti-oxidant effect and create a strong barrier against harmful effects from blue light, UV rays and urban pollution, all while fighting against the premature appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots.

Zombie cell clearing serum travel size: Nescens has created the first serum designed to clear pro-aging “zombie cells”. The senolytic agents used contribute to clearing senescent cells without damaging the healthy ones and improve the regeneration and rejuvenation of the tissue.

Renewing gel mask: Dark circles - bags - wrinkles: correct the 3 signs of aging specific to the eye contour area in a single gesture. Nescens research has brought together 30 active ingredients in an unprecedented gel texture to restore the youthful appearance of the eyes in just a few applications.

Bio-identical rehydrating serum travel size: The formulation’s ingredients have the ability to trap water in the different layers of the stratum corneum and to reorganize the lipid barrier, thus limiting transepidermal water loss (TEWL). Nescens Bio-identical Rehydrating Serum optimization of epidermal moisture flows has a major influence on the skin’s youth markers.

Bio-identical lipid-replenishing cream travel size: The exclusive formulation of Nescens Bio-Identical Lipid Replenishing Cream helps restore substance, volume and comfort to the driest skin types.

Dark spot correcting serum travel size: Nescens Dark Spot Correcting Serum makes a significant breakthrough in the correction of skin alterations related to photo-aging. It combines the most high-performance active ingredients with proven clinical effectiveness in helping reduce the appearance of localized dark spots induced by UV radiation and the aging process.

Zamac spatula: The Zamak spatula is used to massage the eye contour area without pulling on the skin. It allows releasing the tensions of this delicate skin area, and activates the blood circulation. Thanks to its shape, the cares penetrate deeply into the zones subject to wrinkles for an optimal effect. The thermal inertia of Zamak enables to preserve the cold effect of the metal on the skin for a «cryo» effect and the decrease of bags.

Cleansing gel travel size: Nescens Cleansing Gel combines an effective yet gentle cleansing base with an anti-dryness complex. Specially designed for the daily cleansing of the face and neck. It is a fundamental preparatory step before the application of any Nescens skincare product.

Metabolic activator toner travel size: Alcohol and colorant-free, Nescens Metabolic Activator Toner helps reestablish cutaneous homeostasis, reactivate the vital functions of the epidermis and restore the hydrolipidic balance. The skin feels toned and invigorated. The pores appear tightened and the skin’s texture more refined, with a smoother-looking surface.

Lifting and volumizing lip balm: "This total care product for lips and contour combines the latest technological advancements to restore the youthfulness to your smile while smoothing out vertical wrinkles and adding volume to the lips.

Nescens brush: As a real professional tool, the Nescens Brush is essential for quick and easy mask and scrub treatment applications. Thanks to its nylon head, the application is homogeneous and precise, without waste or product on the fingers. Clean the brush after use with soap and water.

Global anti-aging care hands: Nescens Global Anti-aging Care is a highly effective, all-in-one product which prevents and corrects the appearance of age-related alterations on the overexposed tissues of the hands - dehydration, dryness, roughness, micro-folds, dark spots, loss of density.

Worth value of the inside product: 560.-

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