I have very dry skin which is why I love the Bio-Identical Reconstituting Mask

My name is Violaine, I’m in charge of the development strategy of a company active in the field of raw materials.

Nescens products provide me with a sensation of well-being. It’s a routine that is carried out with a lot of care.

I have quite dry skin, but I must admit that after applying a Nescens product, my skin is soothed and relaxed, and it’s a very pleasant feeling.

"The scent of Nescens products is unisex, I would associate it with something very neutral. It corresponds to everyone and that’s what makes it so enjoyable."

My favorite product is this one: the Nescens Bio-Identical Reconstituting Mask. I apply it twice a week on my face. I have very dry skin which is why I love its light, ultra-creamy texture that provides a true soothing sensation and makes the skin soft instantly.