Stem cell activation, a breakthrough in cell renewal.

Precious stem cells essential in maintaining the skin's youth are found at the heart of the skin, at the dermal-epidermal junction.

The latest creation from Nescens Anti-Aging Biological Research, the Activator Serum boosts the regenerative power of epidermal stem cells.

Their targeted action gives life to new cells, stimulating the regeneration of the epidermis and the expression of the youthful characteristics.

Assessment by biophysical measurements

  • Accelerated cell renewal: + 20% from the first month
  • Increased dermis + epidermis density: 82% of testers from the first month
  • Depth of wrinkles reduced: 77% of testers in the second month

The regenerative properties of the epidermis are reactivated in a remarkable way.

Nescens is thus successful in recreating the optimal conditions necessary for the expression of the skin’s youthfulness - firmness, density, smoothness, radiance, hydration and uniformity. The skin is regenerated at the core, plumped from within, rejuvenated.

It is advised to use the Nescens Activator Serum, Stem Cells product twice daily, prior to the application of Nescens corrective care products, in order to reinforce the regenerative properties of epidermal cells.