The Global Anti-Aging Care prevents and corrects the alterations linked to the aging of the hands.

The Nescens Global Anti-Aging Care - Hands offers a complete and powerful response, capable of preventing and correcting the alteration linked to the aging of overexposed tissues of the hands: dehydration, dryness, roughness, micro-creases, dark spots and loss of density.

Nescens brings together all the excellence of anti-aging biomedical research in one specific product. Its fortifying, densifying and unifying active ingredients combine their actions to preserve the youthful appearance of the hands.

Very advanced, the formula:

  • improves the barrier function, increasing the skin's resistance to thermal, physical and chemical aggressions
  • activates the renewal of structural proteins and stimulates the skin's natural growth factors, restoring firmness, tone and density to the tissue
  • provides deep and long-lasting hydration
  • prevents dry skin
  • corrects pigmentation characteristic of mature skin
  • provides effective protection against free radical attacks and UV rays involved in chronological and photo-induced aging

Nescens technology allows for an original cosmeceutical formulation, highly concentrated in active ingredients, with total and ultra-fast penetration, and a non-greasy finish.