I have two favorite products, the Cleansing Gel and Molecular Regeneration Emulsion Day.

My name is Eléonore Piciotto, I’m 31 years old and I’m a journalist and founder of the brand Maison Romae.

With my job, it’s very hard to stick to a skincare routine, but that’s why I try to impose one at the end of the day, once my computer is turned off and I’ve put down my glasses, I run a bath, cleanse my face and apply a cream for a relaxing end to my day.

At first glance, Nescens products are easy to use, they are very light and feel very soft.

The serum is also a lot less thick and watery than other products on the market which makes application very easy.

"What is surprising when using a Nescens product for the first time, is that you have to use so little product to have the impression of having a complete skincare."

I have two favorite products.
The first is the Cleansing Gel because its texture adapts to your skin. The more you massage your face, the more the texture softens and penetrates into the skin allowing you to avoid using cotton pads.

My second favorite product is the Molecular Regeneration Emulsion Day that moisturizes and nourishes at the same time, providing softness and stimulating skin regeneration, which we don’t often find in a range of products without having to buy two different ones. Here, we get 2-in-1.

Nescens products provides a true sensation of purity, nourishment and hydration.