Aerobatic pilot, Dorine Bourneton, is an adherent of the Biphasic Makeup Remover – Eyes and Lips and the activator serum, stem cells.

My name is Dorine Bourneton and I'm an acrobat, I dance in the sky.

Thanks to Nescens skincare products, I was able to get rid of scarring, ugly scars that I’d had since my teenage years. With the Nescens products, I was able to repair and smooth my skin, and correct these imperfections.

There’s one product that I love, and it’s the Biphasic Makeup Remover – Eyes and Lips enriched with castor oil which allows to stimulate the growth of lashes and removes makeup perfectly in one go.

"My favorite product, the one that I love because it’s a true miracle worker, is the Activator Serum, Stem Cells. When I apply it, my skin is instantly radiant, luminous and smooth. It gives the skin a wonderful glow, I recommend it to everyone because once you try it, you won’t stop"