Crème relipidante bio-identique - face - 15 ml

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Crème relipidante bio-identique - face - 15 ml - NS113D
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Crème relipidante bio-identique - face - 15 ml

The exclusive formulation of Nescens bio-identical lipid-replenishing cream helps restore substance, volume and comfort to the driest skin types. This extremely rich preparation ideally penetrates the superficial layers of the epidermis, ensuring remanent action.

Cosmeceutical benefits

The epithelium is better protected, more resistant to external assaults. Intensely replenished in lipids, the skin recovers the full, supple and plump look of younger-looking skin.

The surface appears smoother and silkier, and its complexion more radiant.

Targeted issues

Dryness, sensitive skin

Cosmeceutical benefits

Resolutely innovative, this Nescens cosmeceutical formulation acts at two levels :

1. compensate for the lipid deficiencies observed in aging skin, through the exogenous supply of several classes of bio-identical lipids (analogous with the lipids naturally produced in the skin);

2. simultaneously reactivate the synthesis of physiological lipids affected by advancing age.

This innovative lipid reconstitution process induces:

  • a deep and long-lasting rehydration of the epidermis, from the first applications
  • an improvement in the skin's mechanical properties : resilience, elasticity and firmness
  • a significant reduction in micro-folds and fine lines
  • a normalization of excessive desquamation, characteristic of dry skin
  • a smoothing of surface roughness.

Nescens cosmeceutical system

The bio-identical lipid-replenishing cream is recommended for the long-term treatment of constitutional dry skin conditions or as an intensive course of treatment (12 weeks) for occasional dry skin conditions.

In compliance with the Nescens cosmeceutical system, use the bio-identical lipid-replenishing cream twice daily, independently from or in conjunction with other Nescens correcting cares.

Main active ingredients

Ceramid AP, NP and EOP: fundamental lipids necessary for the restoration of the hydrolipidic barrier. They ensure the cohesion of the skin's stratum corneum layer.

Phytosphingosine: reduces the activity of matrix metalloproteases and increases the production of extracellular matrix proteins. Stimulates the differentiation of keratinocytes. Strengthens the cohesion of corneocytes. Has anti-aging effects.

Cholesterol: essential component of the epidermal lipid barrier.

Palmitic acid: regulates stratum corneum acidification, integrity and cohesion. Increases skin hydration and elasticity.

Stearic acid: plays a key role in maintaining the flexibility of the lipid barrier in the stratum corneum. Has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Niacinamide: exerts a stabilizing effect on the epidermal barrier. Improves the moisture content of the stratum corneum. Speeds up the differentiation of keratinocytes.

Glycerin: restores intercellular lipid lamellae organization in the stratum corneum. Provides hydration to the different layers of the epidermis.

Urea: reduces epidermal hyperproliferation and induces keratinocyte differentiation.Upregulates epidermal lipid synthesizing enzymes.

Saccharide isomerate: provides a highly effective and long lasting hydration under conditions of dry air and low relative humidity.

Jar 15ml

Instruction for use

Apply twice a day one pearl of product on clean skin.

Apply with smoothing motions avoiding the eye contour area.

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